How to Fix Windows System32 Config System Error

The article depicts the procedure for fixing the Windows/system32/Config/system error in a Windows XP computer. The methods compiled here are reliable and straightforward. However, it is recommended to follow them carefully to avoid facing common Windows XP problems.

If your Windows XP computer shows up a Windows/system32/Config/system error while starting or restarting, you should immediately take steps to cure it. The error is related to a corrupt Windows registry. If not taken care of directly, you might experience other error messages too when starting or operating your computer. Here is your Windows XP support guide that will help you fix the error in no time. another way is that you only have to use removewat to activate your operating system, this allows for maximum work on your computer.


Before you begin, grab your original Windows XP setup (installation) disk and manuals if needed for navigation through Windows screen and options. Without the installation disk, you will not be able to fix the problem.

Now that you have got the setup disk insert it in the disk drive and boot your computer. When prompted, press any key on the keyboard to continue to the Windows Recovery Console option. When on the Welcome screen, press the R key on the keyboard to launch Recovery Console.

When in the Recovery Console window, you might be asked to choose your Windows installation. This occurs when you have a dual- or multiple-boot setup on your computer. When done selecting your Windows installation, hit the Enter key to proceed.

If prompted, enter your administrator password and then hit the Enter key to continue. You will see the path of your C: the directory where your Windows XP installation is saved. If your plant is saved to some other directory like D, you will D:Windwos> there.

When you are in the directory, type ‘cdwindowssystem32config’ (without quotes and as is) and then hit the Enter key. When the ‘ren system ‘ error appears, type ‘copy windows repair system’ (without quotes) and hit the Enter key again.

Wait for all the files to be copied when done, type Exit and then hit the Enter key. It will take you out of the Command Prompt window. Remove the Windows XP setup disk and restart your computer. You should not see any such error message now and start your computer successfully.

Instead of typing these two above mentioned commands, you can fix the error message with a single power. Right after you have entered your admin password and hit Enter, type ‘copy %windir%Repairsystem %windir%System32Config’ (without quotes and as is) and hit Enter to proceed.

If prompted, hit the Y key on the keyboard to confirm overwriting of the files and then the Enter key to proceed. Let the data be copied. When done, remove the disk from the drive and restart your computer. The error message will be gone now.

If after booting your Windows computer, if you find that some of the drivers of your devices have disappeared due to which they are not working, first of all, don’t panic as this is normal. Just download the device drivers again and get your devices working.

Additional Tips:

Before performing these steps, you can diagnose your computer for the occurrence of the error message. Check whether the problem started after downloading driver updates, Windows updates, or any other changes. Try undoing the changes or uninstalling any such updates and check back whether the problem has been fixed or not.

You can also run a hardware diagnostic test to check whether particular hardware is functioning well or not. If the problem does not resolve after performing all the steps, contact a professional Windows XP support or online Microsoft technical support.